Miss Key West? Fav YouTube!

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With all of the shelters in place, it’s hard to be happy. I’ve been pretty lucky to have multiple monitors as well as a TV connected so I can stream YouTube and go through different areas. I will talk about The people I follow as well as some of my favorite videos. Btw, YouTube Premium is the way to go! Click on the photos to view their channel

One of My Favorites is “Jody & Jess – Livin’ the Keys Life”. The husband and wife are entertaining and give some good local views of the Keys. I believe they are not originally from the Keys, but love their preservatives.

Another good one is Keys Live. Just recently I have watched videos of the ghost town Key West has become. Some really good videos.

Of course Broadwave Live Cams are pretty cool to watch. Check out the Key West Cams

Docklight Productions is a creative video & media production studio situated on the tiny island of Key West, Florida. We love it here and think you will too. Over the years we’ve compiled a big list of various shots throughout Key West highlighting some of the best places, businesses, and people, who call this paradise home.

Now for some pretty good videos I have found, the Key West History from 1884 is pretty cool…..

One of the first videos I saw back in 2017 was from Jacie and Ericka’s Key West Vacation (Makeup and Manga). It’s a great video of two girls looking around Key West. What I like about the video is they show more than just the tourist areas.

Is flying your thing? Have you flown into Key West from Miami area? Great video to watch with one of my favorite YouTubers, Steveo1Kinevo

Just on the side, I love sailing and some interesting videos from Captain Rick Moore. His channel is very entertaining.

Hope you enjoy these videos as much as I have. Have some of your favorites? Let me know.

Cabin Fever Virtual Tour

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Jimmy Buffett is hitting the road! The internet highway that is. Starting Wednesday, March 25 and every Wednesday and Saturday at 7 p.m.


Here’s the full Cabin Fever Virtual Tour schedule:

March 25: Live from Key West, Florida (2015)

March 28: Live from The Gorge in George, Washington (1996)

April 1: Live from The Coyote Drive-In at Fort Worth, Texas (2014)

April 4: Live from Honolulu, Hawaii (2004)

April 8: Live from Paris France (2017)

April 11: The Millennium Show Live from Los Angeles, California (1999)

April 15: Live from Australia (2011)

April 18: Live from Mansfield, Massachusetts (1994)

April 22: Live from Bora Bora (2010)

April 25: Live from Hartford, Connecticut (1995)

April 29: Live from Wellington, New Zealand (2017)

May 2: Far Side of the World Show (various years and cities)

May 6: Live from Dublin, Ireland (2019)

May 9: Live from Key West, Florida (2015)

Music Play List -Key West Style

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With the shelters in place here in Illinois, I’ve decided to post my playlist that I listen. This list gives me that beach type atmosphere that is so desperately needed at this time. I have it on Apple music, but also have created a list on YouTube with Live Music of this songs in concert so I can watch on my TV and relax to!

YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUpRWFG7AHo_7Lc8nSE8eH8fwHukbh_jT

Actual Play List:

Forever Summer (feat. Justin Young)Anuhea & Justin Young
Big SurJack Johnson
You’re DrunkBrandy Clark
You and Tequila (feat. Grace Potter)Kenny Chesney
Key Lime PieKenny Chesney
Seminole WindJames Taylor
Gulf Coast TimeRoger Creager
CoastThe Detentions
Blue SkiesDonna the Buffalo
September SongLeah Flanagan
ThisDarius Rucker
Free / Into the Mystic (Live)Zac Brown Band
Some BeachBlake Shelton
The SoundmakerRodrigo y Gabriela
Misty MosesRodrigo y Gabriela
Island RainMac McAnally
Back Where I Come from (Live)Mac McAnally
Waves (feat. Doyle Grisham)Aaron Scherz
Little UmbrellasSarah Darling
Blame It On the MargaritasHoward Livingston and Mile Marker 24
Livin’ On Key West TimeHoward Livingston & Mile Marker 24
Island TimeSimplified
Live By the DayThe Elovaters
Say HeyMichael Franti & Spearhead
The Booze CruiseBlackjack Billy
Go Away CloudJesse Rice
Uptown Top RankingAlthea & Donna
Brighter Than the SunColbie Caillat
BubblyColbie Caillat
Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall OffJoe Nichols
Save It for a Rainy DayKenny Chesney
Key’s in the Conch ShellKenny Chesney
Hot Fun In the SummertimeSly & The Family Stone
Island SongZac Brown Band

Am I missing anything good?

I am waiting patiently for Let’s Drink from Jon Nicholoson

Key West is Empty

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It’s amazing looking at the webcams today of Key West. It is completely empty except for some workers and locals. It’s very sad. Florida annouced yesterday Shelter in place which makes it even more like a ghost town. Hope this event ends soon so people can enjoy . Photos from the next two links.


Keys Closed

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It’s amazing that this virus is taking over the world. Life has definitely changed and I see these affects will last for many years after we are through this. From my perspective it’s to protect those who may not be able to fight the virus. I understand and it’s the best thing to do. One human family! We have to watch out for others. I saw a post recently “I guess God got so mad about all of our fighting down here that He sent us all to our rooms.” Kinda funny, but kinda true. Hope this event changes people for the good and that there is more to life. Be Happy, Be Kind!

Hope everyone stays safe and this ends by the time summer hits! Cheers!

My First Buffett Concert

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Concert season is coming! I finally went to by first Jimmy Buffett concert on July 10th, 2019 (last year). Very Crazy it took me so long to do it. With family and kids, I couldn’t imagine spending that much money to go to a concert…no matter how much I wanted to. Finally I was in a position to go. I ending up purchasing two VIP Tickets to Alpine Valley in Wisconsin for $700 total. Crazy, yes……but this was a bucket list item and could be my very last one that I need to fulfill. It was well worth it with Alpine Valley.

Due to the weather, we arrived in the afternoon after a heavy rainstorm. Luckily it was short and the tailgating was in full force. Parking was easy with the VIP and right up in front. Walked around for a bit and unbelievable. Cannot describe it….just fun people! Ran into some friends we knew and joined them. Going into the concert was easy through the VIP section and got to our seats. The seats were right behind the bar serving seats which were very happy to help serve us drinks too.

The place was filled with many happy people. Watch out of the beach balls. They were everywhere. In some cases they hit people’s drinks and spilled them. Some annoyed people, but no fights and etc. I believe they were mad because they didn’t see it coming….and of course they were thirsty and lost their drink. Amazing how nice people were. I have seen a lot of drunk people, but not this happy & drunk!

The music, it speaks for itself. If you haven’t been to a Buffett concert, GO. If you have, no need for me to explain!

I crossed this off my bucket list and was worth every penny! Thanks Jimmy!

Welcome Back!

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Hello All! I am back in full force! As life changes, people must change!

A few changes in my life has closed a chapter in my life and opened up a brand new one! As Jimmy says “Breathe in, Breath out, Move on” and this is my plan right now! Life will continue and attitude is how you react to the things you have absolutely no control over. Thanks to good friends, family, music, and my amazing son, things will be better! Look forward to a lot coming in the next few weeks. I have a lot of information I want to share as well as launching a Facebook page! See ya soon!

White Christmas Margaritas

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Margaritas are way better. Enjoy these White Christmas Margaritas from Delish this weekend. Enjoy 12.


1 (14-oz.) can coconut milk
12 oz. silver tequila
8 oz. triple sec
1/2 c. lime juice
2 c. ice
1/2 c. Mint, for garnish
1 lime, sliced into rounds for garnish
Lime wedge, for rimming glass
Sanding sugar, for rimming glass
Cranberries, for garnish


1. Combine coconut milk, tequila, triple sec, lime juice and ice in a blender. Blend until smooth.

2. Rim glasses with lime wedge and dip in sanding sugar. Pour into glass and garnish with lime and cranberries. Serve. Get drunk.

Merry Christmas. Happy Thanksgiving. Let’s drink.

See full article at Whiskeyriff – Click here

The Key Lime Festival – Key West

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Welcome to The Key Lime Festival: America’s favorite citrus celebration! In the Florida Keys we like to celebrate the things that make our islands unique. Citrus, eccentrics, people & pie.  Our celebrations are fun, odd & unforgettable. Our people are too. Come on down to the birthplace of Key Lime Pie for a little taste and you will see what we mean. Love & Limes!  Celebrate in Key West


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