Fly or Drive to Key West?

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Some ask me if they should fly or drive to Key West…….I tell them BOTH!  Why you ask?   It’s because they are both two great experiences.

My trip in 2017 I had planned to fly both in and out of Key West.  Due to flight schedule issues, our flights into Key West were messed up.   Therefore, my recommendation is to fly into Key West and drive out of Key West.  Why you may ask?  It’s for the scenery and experience.   Flying into Key West you will get there faster.  I was excited to get there so I didn’t want to wait.  I flew out of Fort Lauderdale and the route took us over the upper keys and south of the middle and lower keys.  So you will want to sit on the right side of the plane to see the middle and lower Keys.  My wife was on the left side and took some great photos of the upper keys.  Flying into the airport at Key West was great.  It took us around the south side of the island and words cannot describe how wonderful it is.

Our trip out of Key West was totally messed up. We lost our flight out due to air line scheduling issues.  I cannot say I was mad because we picked up a car from Avis for $67 to drive back to Fort Lauderdale.  I picked up the car early in the morning and brought it back to our condo. This gave us time to pack and get ready for the drive to the airport.   Our flight was not until 7pm which gave us more than enough time to drive and stop a few times.  Trip back was great. We got to stop at Shark Key where my dream house is.  We stopped at Looe Key (Ramrod Key) to get some shirts because the street I live on is Looe Key…..named after the Keys.  Last stop was at Robbie’s which allowed us to have some great Conch Chowder and Trailer Park Bloody Marys.

The rest of our trip brought us back onto the mainland and to the airport in heavy traffic. The drive was very scenic.

In the future, my dream is to fly into Key West on a private jet from Jet Select!  They have a Learjet based out of Rockford, my city. If we only had money, right? Maybe someday I will get lucky!

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