My First Buffett Concert

by in Music

Concert season is coming! I finally went to by first Jimmy Buffett concert on July 10th, 2019 (last year). Very Crazy it took me so long to do it. With family and kids, I couldn’t imagine spending that much money to go to a concert…no matter how much I wanted to. Finally I was in a position to go. I ending up purchasing two VIP Tickets to Alpine Valley in Wisconsin for $700 total. Crazy, yes……but this was a bucket list item and could be my very last one that I need to fulfill. It was well worth it with Alpine Valley.

Due to the weather, we arrived in the afternoon after a heavy rainstorm. Luckily it was short and the tailgating was in full force. Parking was easy with the VIP and right up in front. Walked around for a bit and unbelievable. Cannot describe it….just fun people! Ran into some friends we knew and joined them. Going into the concert was easy through the VIP section and got to our seats. The seats were right behind the bar serving seats which were very happy to help serve us drinks too.

The place was filled with many happy people. Watch out of the beach balls. They were everywhere. In some cases they hit people’s drinks and spilled them. Some annoyed people, but no fights and etc. I believe they were mad because they didn’t see it coming….and of course they were thirsty and lost their drink. Amazing how nice people were. I have seen a lot of drunk people, but not this happy & drunk!

The music, it speaks for itself. If you haven’t been to a Buffett concert, GO. If you have, no need for me to explain!

I crossed this off my bucket list and was worth every penny! Thanks Jimmy!

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