Miss Key West? Fav YouTube!

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With all of the shelters in place, it’s hard to be happy. I’ve been pretty lucky to have multiple monitors as well as a TV connected so I can stream YouTube and go through different areas. I will talk about The people I follow as well as some of my favorite videos. Btw, YouTube Premium is the way to go! Click on the photos to view their channel

One of My Favorites is “Jody & Jess – Livin’ the Keys Life”. The husband and wife are entertaining and give some good local views of the Keys. I believe they are not originally from the Keys, but love their preservatives.

Another good one is Keys Live. Just recently I have watched videos of the ghost town Key West has become. Some really good videos.

Of course Broadwave Live Cams are pretty cool to watch. Check out the Key West Cams

Docklight Productions is a creative video & media production studio situated on the tiny island of Key West, Florida. We love it here and think you will too. Over the years we’ve compiled a big list of various shots throughout Key West highlighting some of the best places, businesses, and people, who call this paradise home.

Now for some pretty good videos I have found, the Key West History from 1884 is pretty cool…..

One of the first videos I saw back in 2017 was from Jacie and Ericka’s Key West Vacation (Makeup and Manga). It’s a great video of two girls looking around Key West. What I like about the video is they show more than just the tourist areas.

Is flying your thing? Have you flown into Key West from Miami area? Great video to watch with one of my favorite YouTubers, Steveo1Kinevo

Just on the side, I love sailing and some interesting videos from Captain Rick Moore. His channel is very entertaining.

Hope you enjoy these videos as much as I have. Have some of your favorites? Let me know.

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