Dining out in Key West is anything but dull.  I am not sure if I would call it cuisine, but the food is amazing.  Fresh seafood and Caribbean delights!

The number of bars and restaurants here is surprising, given the small size of the island. But unlike the gargantuan nightclubs you’ll find thumping into the night in places like Miami, the bar scene here in Key West is jovial and fun, but lacks the pretentiousness found in some of those bigger establishments. The other great thing about the bar scene in Key West is the history it conveys. Key West was one the wealthiest cities in the country, bolstered by its seemingly endless shipwrecking industry, and there are remnants from that opulent time all over the city. As for the restaurant scene on the island, Key West food is anything but boring! Here at the southernmost tip of the continent, the food is a fusion of American, Cuban, African and Southern. It’s spicy, savoury and there are few places in the country that serve seafood as varied and as delicious as what you can find here in Key West. From the hole-in-the-wall shacks, serving up the best conch you’ve ever had, to the most opulent and over the top restaurants, complete with verandahs’ overlooking the Atlantic, and wine lists so so refined, you’ll feel like royalty. For the foodies and cocktail enthusiasts, Key West is a virtual mecca!

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Key West is an amazing place to visit, but what types of foods can you eat that anywhere.  We will tell you.

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